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Featured Projects


Level Design | Encounter Design    Gameplay Design | UX/UI Design

Elegon is a 3D First Person Shooter with platforming elements and a focus on movement.

The Rabbit's Scroll

Level Design | Gameplay Design

The Rabbit's Scroll is a 2D vertical scrolling platformer focusing on the art of scrolls.

Other Projects


Level Design | Encounter Design

Wargames is a 2v2 team deathmatch multiplayer map made in Halo 5 Forge.

Escape Sequence

User Research | Level Design
Gameplay Design

Escape Sequence is a 3D First Person Shooter with rogue-like elements and fast-paced combat.


UX/UI Design | Gameplay Design
Level Design

Titus is a 3D Third Person adventure game with light platforming and stealth elements.

Valkyrie Quest

Level Design | Encounter Design

Valkyrie Quest is a 3D Third Person action-adventure game with combat and simple puzzles.

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