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Titus is a 3D Third Person adventure game with light platforming and stealth elements.

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Screenshot (148).png
Screenshot (152).png
Screenshot (150).png

My Role

  • Level design

  • Gameplay design

  • Narrative design

  • UX/UI design

My Goal

  • Make 3 unique level sections

  • Focus on narrative elements

  • Create stealth-based enemy encounters

  • Optional collectibles to give a sense of completion

  • A fun and theme focused UI

  • Implement a high-contrast visual guidance system

Titus GDD

What Went Wrong?

  • Focused too much on narrative

  • Did not make as much level content as desired

  • Not enough time to polish enemy encounters

Screenshot (154).png
Screenshot (155).png

What Went Right?

  • UI elements were polished

  • "Sniff Vision" guidance system was a success

  • A wholesome narrative resolution

Game Download


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