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Escape Sequence


Escape Sequence is a 3D First Person Shooter with rogue-like elements and fast-paced combat.

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Screenshot (46).png
Screenshot (62).png
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My Role

  • Level design

  • User research

  • Gameplay design

My Contribution

  • Tutorial level

  • Adjusted procedural level generation parameters

  • Tweaked enemy spawn rates and stats

  • Ran multiple playtests weekly

Design Process

  • Created new tutorial level to explain the win state and simplify player interactions

  • Tweaked level generation system to promote verticality

  •  Designed and implemented objective arrow sprites

Screenshot (51).png

What Went Wrong?

  • Onboarded during final months of development

  • Not enough time to polish movement and gunplay

  • Used band-aid solutions due to lack of time

Screenshot (52).png
Screenshot (54).png

What Went Right?

  • Became a good portfolio piece for everyone

  • Efficient distribution of tasks among teammates

  • Productive and motivational meetings 

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