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Valkyrie Quest


Valkyrie Quest is a 3D Third Person action-adventure game with combat and simple puzzles.

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Screenshot (74).png
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My Role

  • Level design

  • Encounter design

My Contribution

  • 7+ Sandbox Levels

  • 4+ Final Product Levels

  • 5+ Prototype Encounters

  • 8+ Final Product Encounters

Design Process

  • Implemented nav mesh and enemy AI for encounters

  • Added vaulting and climbing interactable objects

  • Set up button prompts for all first time interactions

Screenshot (73).png

What Went Wrong?

  • Encounters needed more polish

  • Used too many button prompts

  • The design team left due to creative differences

Screenshot (77).png
Screenshot (84).png

What Went Right?

  • Atmospheric environments

  • Unreal Engine experience

  • Level layering in Unreal

Game Download


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