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Wargames is a 2v2 team deathmatch multiplayer map made in Halo 5 Forge.

EXT Game info WARGAMES.png
Screenshot (124).png
Screenshot (126).png

My Role

  • Level design

  • Encounter design

My Goal

  • Make a 2v2 multiplayer map

  • Balance weapon spawns

  • Thoroughly playtest

  • Iterate based on feedback

  • Focus on verticality

  • Incentivize risk taking

Level Iterations: Version 1

Wargames V1.png

Established general layout and scale. 

Screenshot (143).png

What Went Wrong?

  • Favored middle to close range

  • Power weapons were too strong

  • Top floor controlled the map

  • Map was too small in general

What Went Right?

  • Practiced with verticality

  • Practiced multiplayer level design

  • Players enjoyed it overall

  • Fast round times helped

Screenshot (138).png
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