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The Rabbit's Scroll


The Rabbit's Scroll is a 2D vertical scrolling platformer with a focus on the theme and art.

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Screenshot (92).png
Screenshot (95).png
Screenshot (98).png

My Role

  • Level design

My Contribution

  • 3+ Intermission Levels

  • 3+ Final Product Levels

  • Playtesting

Design Process

  • Worked in JSON until GUI editor was added

  • Created tutorial intermission levels to teach the player

  • Placed optional collectibles in skill testing areas

Screenshot (106).png

What Went Wrong?

  • Lost a designer between semesters

  • Custom engine slowed level design implementations

  • Lost a programmer due to creative differences

Screenshot (105).png
Screenshot (103).png

What Went Right?

  • GUI editor sped up level design in second semester

  • Ink wave AI improved the difficulty curve for new players

  • The beautiful art inspired the whole team

Game Download


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