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Level Design Projects


Elegon is a 3D First Person Shooter that follows the quest of a disgruntled wizard. Take back what is yours and make those ghouls pay for kidnapping your friend!



Wargames is a 2v2 multiplayer map for Halo 5 with a custom slayer variant called "Attrition" to keep matches short and fresh. Built and tested with Halo 5 Forge on PC.

Screenshot (124).png

Valkyrie Quest

Valkyrie Quest is a 3D Third Person Action Adventure game set in a Post-Ragnarok world dominated by the Children of Fenrir. Be prepared to test your skills in combat and traverse the unforgiving landscape in search of the Tree of Life.

viking game.png

The Rabbit's Scroll

The Rabbit's Scroll is a 2D Vertical Scrolling Platformer with a rising Ink Wave that threatens to engulf the player. String together jumps, dashes, and wall running in order to escape the rising Ink Wave and collect peaches to create the Elixir of Life.

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